Inspiration, Creativity & Ambition is definitely within you girl, however, you are living a life of fear and “What ifs?” 

Don’t you have wonderful dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, running a successful business from home, while nailing your responsibilities as a mother, but it seems like a dream which can never become a reality?

Listen, girl… Nothing is impossible. 

I know it sounds cliche but it is actually true. The human body and mind are capable of doing anything it puts its might, will and determination to, it’s just passing the roadblocks of fear that you need to get over! 

I’m Sumaiya and a mother to two sweet little boys. I started my journey of blogging in 2019, 2 weeks before delivering my second boy with the hope of earning a full-time income from home, raising my kids and fulfiling all our family dreams. 

I always had a love of writing and inspiring women to live a life full of joy. My friends describe me as a motivational speaker often, however, I feel afraid to speak out on a video-based platform, so I choose writing and blogging to be my platform to use my voice to reach out to hustling mothers and hard-working women like you! 

I love providing my audience with insightful tips, hacks and informative advice to inspire mothers like myself to hustle and fulfil their dreams – do not let motherhood crush your aspiring goals! 

Being a mother, in general, can crush you in many ways. From sleepless nights with newborns & toddlers, running around after crazy 7-year-olds, and then dealing with teenager tantrums. The hardships of motherhood never come to an end.  

That’s what Positive Brain Dump is all about. 

I created this blog to bring mothers and women together to be able to read my content and think, “thank God I’m not the only one!” 

I provide insightful ideas, hacks and advice on pregnancy, parenting, productivity, organization & time management tips, self-care and mental health awareness. 

I also additionally provide tips on becoming a successful blogger and creating content without becoming burnt out with your motherhood responsibilities! 


Are you interested in becoming a blogger, but it seems like too much work?

 From setting up a website, creating content, promoting it and looking after your babies, managing your job and responsibilities; it sounds extremely overwhelming – but it actually isn’t! 

My guide will hold your hand and walk you step-by-step into starting a blog from selecting a domain name, hosting, setting up WordPress and launching your site in less than 24 hours! 

Additionally, as a subscriber, you will receive weekly tips and tricks on parenting, blogging, time management, productivity and general lifestyle tips to help you live your best life momma! 

Does this sound like something you’re into? 

Hit the subscribe button and join our community in supporting and uplifting each other to hustle, achieve our dreams while mommying and be successful bloggers too! #momsaresuperheros

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