The Best Effective Remedies To Sooth Morning Sickness & Nausea

best home remedies for morning sickness/ easy remedies to soothe morning sickness & nausea

The feeling of absolute ‘blah.’ I know that feeling momma. I went through two pregnancies in 3 years and I felt absolutely crazy when I was suffering from nausea and severe morning sickness. 

Let me put it straight – whoever decided to name it ‘morning sickness’ must have been drunk as hell. I mean, the name in itself is a deception. 

It’s not morning sickness – it’s all day all night sickness to be quite frank.

I just needed to get that out of the way, now let’s get to the point…

Soothing nausea and morning sickness can be extremely challenging, especially if you suffer from it severely. It can be a nightmare to even keep down a cup of water – (I happened to be part of that category!) 

There are several remedies which claim to soothe nausea and morning sickness, however, every pregnant woman’s body is different, and there is no ultimate remedy that can solve nausea for everyone. 

However, there are different methods which can help to keep nausea & morning sickness at bay, which has proven to be successful with many pregnant women. 

It’s really all about experimenting until you find that one ‘thing’ which makes your nausea and morning sickness completely stop. At that point you will just feel like ‘Eureka, I got it!’ 

Here are some remedies I found useful: 

1.Eating bland crackers 

With my second pregnancy, I felt completely overwhelmed with nausea & sickness. I was sick to the point that I couldn’t even walk properly, I was in a constant state of dizziness. 

The thought of eating anything would make me vomit and constantly nauseous. So, I tried eating bland crackers on the advice of my midwife, and it did work! Just by taking a small bite, it would help to calm my stomach and nausea down. 

However, it doesn’t mean if one thing works, that it will always work. 

Sometimes, you may face that crackers work fine for a week, then it makes you queasy again! So it’s important to try different remedies to help keep your nausea and morning sickness at bay! 

2. Sips of Lemon Water 

Now notice I mentioned ‘sips’ and not a glass because when you suffer from nausea & morning sickness, keeping down a glass of water can feel as challenging as climbing a mountain! 

I was told this remedy by my grandma, however, I was so afraid to try it because I had trouble keeping down water in general. 

I took the courage one day and had a sip of lemon water (use fresh lemon juice for best results!) It worked! I was constantly gagging and even the thought of food made me incredibly ill, but the lemon water sip helped to soothe my nausea and settle my stomach! 

If you’re sceptical about this, I’m telling you from experience – you never know until you don’t try. 

3. Plain toast 

Yes, the bland food seems to be a hit with nausea & morning sickness. If you find that the crackers are not sitting well, then perhaps give some toast a try? 

This worked for me in my second pregnancy and often I would eat toast for lunch and dinner, in the hopes of trying to hold some food in my stomach. 

I personally preferred it plain, but for many, butter on toast works well in keeping nausea and morning sickness at bay – why not try it? 

Fun Fact: I couldn’t consume dairy at all in my entire second pregnancy, so I tried vegan butter – it just wasn’t the same for me! Try to experiment and don’t let the fear of gagging, being sick and nausea, hold you back from finding the solution to your pregnancy symptoms! 

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4. Tea Tree Oil 

I’m sorry what? Yes, you read that right – Tea Tree Oil!

But hold on – you don’t eat it, you have to SMELL it! 

I found this trick by mistake in my second pregnancy. I was suffering from extreme nausea and morning sickness and happened to have a bottle of tea tree oil on my bedside desk. I opened it and the smell of it just made my nausea go away. 

I used it often to help cure my morning sickness. To my surprise, it also worked out really well in preventing itchy skin on my stretching belly bump! 

It’s definitely a must-have for all pregnant women! The tea tree oil I use is this one: 

5. Diffusing Essential Oils 

Now this one sounds kinda strange, but it is surprisingly quite effective! The aroma of particular essential oils, similar to the tea tree oil can help to calm you down and also get rid of nausea which keeps lingering around, especially when you are starving but feel afraid to eat! 

Fun Fact: I used lemon essential oil to help calm my nausea and morning sickness down. The aroma helped me so much that I used to fill a bottle with ¼ cup water and dilute it with lemon essential oil and spray it in my room, spray it on a cloth and wipe my bedhead and bedside table with it. The constant smell help to control my nausea and get rid of the smell of vomit which lingered around the house – this is because I used to vomit everywhere (TMI I know, but girl I wanna help ya you know!) 

Give essential oils a try, maybe opt for different options to see which one you fancy the most and see if it has an impact on your nausea or morning sickness! 

6. Get some fresh air 

It sounds really simple, but it is very effective. Having a change of atmosphere, change of air can really help to battle nausea and morning sickness. This is because you get used to being in one environment, for example, your home, so your body associates that environment with your nausea and morning sickness. Even when you try to control it, you are unable to. 

I faced this circumstance with both pregnancies. In my first pregnancy, my first 8 weeks were spent in Qatar in 50 degrees Celcius weather, and my sickness and nausea were at it’s worst – I mean, I was unable to stand without support – it was that bad. However, after 8 weeks, when I returned home to London, my nausea and morning sickness completely disappeared – literally vanished! 

Now, I’m not saying move to another country to fight nausea, but try to get a change of air and a change of atmosphere, and see if it makes a difference to how you feel. 

Sometimes, the change of atmosphere also brings a change in your life routine which can help you to calm down and hopefully make nausea and morning sickness go away. Hang in there, girl! 

7. Getting some uninterrupted sleep 

This one sounds a little odd, but getting some sleep when you feel nauseous can be really effective in calming your stomach down and preventing morning sickness. I personally slept like a sloth in my entire first pregnancy, especially in the first trimester when nausea and morning sickness was at it’s worst. 

Getting adequate rest is essential to help your body recover and deal with all the sudden hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Sometimes, just getting an awesome power nap can make you feel much better and help you deal with your pregnancy symptoms. 

But always remember, right now it may feel like this phase is never going to end, but once you give birth and hold your baby in your arms, these days will be a beautiful memory, I promise! 

If you found any of these tips useful please share! 

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