How To Spot Early Signs Of A Pregnancy

early pregnancy signs

The idea of having a baby can be extremely exciting, but also extremely scary too. Sometimes, the nervousness of wanting a baby so bad can backfire when you don’t get a positive result, however, when you do get a positive result, your life feels complete! 

The monthly waiting game until you miss your period can make you feel like the time is just not passing by, and the urge to become impatient and do 100 pregnancy tests can really take over. 

But do not stress – even though missing your monthly cycle can be the best indication of pregnancy, there are several signs which can look out for before your period date. 

I found out I was pregnant before my missed period with both of my pregnancies, so yes this is possible, it’s not some made-up stuff okay! 

Ready? Let’s get in! 

1. Nausea

Many women do suffer from nausea during the time of the month due to hormonal fluctuations, however, if you are feeling queasy and sick then this could be a good indication of a possible pregnancy. 

Sometimes there can be different reasons why nausea occurs, such as the stomach bug and being generally unwell, however, if you are feeling particularly nauseous before your period is due, then this could be a strong indication. 

Fun Fact: I suffered from nausea & vomiting in the first 7 weeks of my pregnancy, then I was fine. In my second pregnancy, I was fine for 7 weeks, then I suffered from nausea & vomiting all the way up to my delivery! I had boys both times!

2. Strong Smells

Can you smell your laundry detergent everywhere in your home? I felt this one with my first pregnancy. My nose became more powerful than a dog’s nose – its’s not even an exaggeration. 

If you can smell things really easily and extremely strongly, you could have a good chance of a positive pregnancy. I personally didn’t have a good sense of smell before pregnancy, and suddenly my sense of smell became one of my best used ‘senses.’ 

Sometimes if you already have a good sense of smell, you suddenly have an extremely heightened sense of smell, to the point that everything either smells amazing or smells incredibly terrible. 

Fun Fact: In my first pregnancy, my husband’s breathe constantly smelt terrible to me, to the point that he used to sleep facing the wall, otherwise I would gag at night! 

If you feel like your nose is getting sharper lately, you could have a chance of being pregnant! 

3. Random Food Craving Combinations

This one can be tricky to decide, because generally closer to your period date the craving for ice-cream and Nutella can hit you hard, (hits me for sure,) but it could also indicate pregnancy. 

When your body goes through the hormonal changes to nurture your baby, food cravings become a big part of it. If you feel like you are suddenly craving a particular dish and eating it often, close to your period date, then that can also indicate a positive chance of being pregnant. 

Fun Fact: I ate chicken fettuccine alfredo in the entire first trimester of my first pregnancy and I ate spicy chicken burgers in my ENTIRE second pregnancy! 

4. Loss of Appetite

This one ties in quite close to nausea. Even though you may sometimes get food cravings, some women suffer from the opposite. You can end up with a loss of appetite all of a sudden, or start disliking foods that you once loved. If this happens closer to your period date, and you don’t normally suffer from loss of appetite due to hormonal fluctuations at the time of the month, then this could indicate pregnancy. 

Fun Fact: I hated desserts or anything sweet in my second pregnancy, even though I was a dessert junkie before my pregnancy. The loss of appetite hit me so hard in my second pregnancy, that it has left a permanent effect. Even now, 9 months after having my baby, I still suffer from feeling sick after eating anything sweet! 

5. Metallic Taste in Your Mouth 

Do you feel like someone has put a 10p coin in your mouth, and you can’t seem to get it out? That’s exactly what the metallic taste feels like! 

If you feel like that you have some metal coins in your mouth, then that could indicate a sign of pregnancy. 

Fun Fact: I had a cousin who craved to eat money while pregnant, the metallic taste affected her to this extent! We were all laughing at her, suggesting that she was baking a rich baby within her!

6. Skin Changes 

This can go either way, it’s quite a hot topic between mamas actually. Some women experience the glow of pregnancy and others deal with hormonal nightmares. The non-stop breakouts, itchy skin, rashes – you name it! 

If you feel that your skin has suddenly changed, more than what it usually does closer to your period date, then there are high chances of you being pregnant! 

Fun Fact: My skin was glowing in my first pregnancy – I generally have good skin, but it can get dry very quickly, which I didn’t experience with my first pregnancy. Second pregnancy, itchy, rashy, dry skin plus I looked like a monster, I can’t even explain… 

7. Insomnia 

Many women suffer from insomnia when they become pregnant. I know many friends who have reported to just lose their sleep the moment they become pregnant. If your sleep cycle has been disturbed lately, and your lifestyle or routine hasn’t changed, then there are good chances of being pregnant.

Fun Fact: I slept like a sloth in my entire first pregnancy only to give birth to a child who hasn’t slept through an entire night since the day he was born. With my second pregnancy I suffered from insomnia, and I have a boy who sleeps through the night peacefully!

8. Bloating 

If your jeans are getting tighter than usual, and you haven’t had much of a change in your diet or exercise regime, then there are good chances of you being pregnant. Many women do notice bloating as an early alarm of pregnancy, especially if they don’t usually suffer from bloating in their usual monthly cycle. 

Fun Fact: I actually lost 5kg in my first trimester in my first pregnancy and didn’t suffer from bloating – however, once I started gaining pregnancy weight, then went through a second pregnancy, I never managed to lose it ever again (#mumsweightlossstruggles) 

These are 8 early signs which can indicate a pregnancy before your missed period, however, missing your period is one of the most assuring signs of pregnancy. Always make sure to discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider or GP before making any assumptions. 

If you found this useful, or think someone you know might find this useful, then please share! 

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