10 Self-Care Ideas for Super Busy Moms + 10 Minutes Self-Care Checklist Included!

Self-care is an important part of women’s lives, especially when you are a mom because the responsibility which comes with being a mother can be extremely overwhelming. 

The non-stop caring and nurturing for your family can make you forget about yourself, and eventually, the stress starts adding up. I, myself as a mother of two kids under the age of 3, I struggle with keeping up with self-care. I focus so much on sacrificing for my family that I can end up neglecting my self-care. 

During the Christmas season, the hectic wrapping of gifts, the never-ending to-do lists, the gift preparations and making sure you’ve got everything organized can take a toll on you. It’s easy to forget about yourself. So it is important to squeeze self-care into your routine to make you feel alive. 

When I do take out the time, even if it’s 10 minutes, the self-care gives me a boost of energy and makes me feel confident which also reflects in my daily activities and my productivity levels shoot up too! 

So mothers, do not neglect self-care because those 10 minutes of self-care can do a lot for your mental health, self-confidence and help you feel a boost of positivity while nurturing and looking after your family like a boss woman! 

Here are 10 ways you can incorporate self-care which can bring joy to your soul and make you feel a little more sane from your hectic routine!

Drink a HOT cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate 

I know, you’re either laughing or rolling your eyes at the screen right now because that sounds like a joke to you – mums and hot coffee don’t mix well do they? 

However, you have to remember that this isn’t your daily 4 cups of coffee I’m talking about. I mean, take out the time, even if it means getting your children to be watched by a babysitter – make TIME for yourself. 

Take out the time to pamper yourself with a warm cup of coffee without any distractions – not constantly thinking about the dishes or the uncompleted home chores you have to do. This takes only 10-15 minutes, but if you drink your hot coffee in solitude, you will feel much more awake and charged – I promise! 

Do a face-mask 

As a mom, skincare has gone flying out the window for me. Literally. 

I personally enjoy and feel confident when I make the effort to look after myself consciously, which doesn’t happen often with a toddler and baby to run after. 

However, I do like to take the time out to do a face mask, especially love the Garnier Moisture Bomb masks, and rejuvenate my skin with pure love. 

It takes only 10 minutes to make my skin look glowing and I feel confident and more joyful in general when I feel like I accomplished some self-care and nurturing. 

Handy Tip: You can even make yourself a face-mask hamper and gift it to yourself for Christmas as an act of self-love and self-care because momma, you deserve it! 

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission from the mentioned products at no extra cost to you 🙂

Here are some awesome hampers you can get hold of:

Lighting Candles

Lighting candles is very soothing especially in bringing up the ambience of the home where you are supposed to feel the calmest – but as a mom that probably sounds more like a fantasy right? 

Well, it doesn’t have to be! If you take out the time to create an atmosphere, even if it’s just lighting your favourite candle in your room, after the kids have gone to sleep, or lighting your favourite candle in the kitchen after cleaning up, those 10 minutes of relaxation time will do you a favour and help you chill in the Christmas chaos! 

Some of my favourite candles include:

Listening to a Podcast 

As a mother, it can be difficult to read a book to relax, especially with small children constantly asking for your attention. So, you can listen to small 10-minute podcasts instead which can help to educate you, make you feel relaxed and be hand-free while listening to it. You can do a face-mask while listening to the podcast, getting a double ultimate self-care within 10 minutes!

Festive Tip: You can maybe listen to a Christmas themed podcast which everyone as a family can listen to feel a part of the festive Christmas spirit! This could be a topic you all enjoy, whether it’s movie reviews, Disney movie based podcasts or more adulting topics such as minimalism and financial education! Make your Christmas fun and smart too! 

Exfoliating Your Body 

You probably think I sound crazy, but exfoliating your body peacefully and thoroughly can become non-existent when you have small kids running around your home! 

However, Christmas can be a perfect time for you to treat yourself and take out 10 minutes to use your favourite exfoliants and have a peaceful bath! Have your partner, family or friends watch your kids during Christmas gathering, while you get that done! 

Not only will you feel refreshed and in the festive spirit, but also feel confident by taking care of yourself, because momma you deserve it!

Wax Melts

I absolutely love wax melts! The aroma can really calm me down when I’m having a crazy day with the kids! It might sound so simple, however, just doing small little things which bring you joy can really uplift you and feel like a much-needed self-care! 

Wax melts also make your home smell absolutely amazing with wonderful varieties, even Christmas scented ones to uplift your mood in this festive season!

Be Creative

When you are running around with the children,  you can lose a part of yourself because you are totally focused on nurturing and looking after your children.

It’s important to nourish yourself and your soul with creativity which can bring you joy. I personally, love to write, (that’s why I love blogging,) but you can find something creative to do which will make you feel alive. 

This could be sewing, knitting, painting, writing poetry – whatever you may fancy! Take out the time, even if it’s just 10 minutes, to nourish your soul with creativity and you will feel a boost of confidence by including this act of self-care as part of your routine.

Festive Tip: Encourage your children to take part in your creative activity which can encourage them to be creative from a young age and develop productive hobbies! Maybe create snowflakes together, or make Christmas paintings to hang up on the wall! Let your festive creative juices flow. 

Invest in your skin-care, don’t neglect it

If you are guilty of neglecting your skincare due to running after kids, then take this as your reminder honey! In fact, I’ll use this blog post to remind myself too!  

Skincare is essential to nourish yourself and feel confident as part of your self-care. Our skin is the largest organ of our body so to take care of it is very important. 

Festive Tip: Indulge and treat yourself to some luxurious skincare products this Christmas – a gift from yourself to you or you can also gift it fr mothers you know, such as your family and friends who need a self-care boost. 

Make your favourite meal and enjoy it 

Now, this probably sounds crazy, however, enjoying a favourite meal is an important part of self-care. Being a mother requires constant sacrifice and in amidst of all of it, it’s easy to forget to sit down and actually enjoy a meal. 

Festive Tip: Create a menu in which you dedicated time for yourself and include your acts of self-care + your favourite meal. Ask your partner to be in charge of the kids at mealtime to ensure you can sit down and enjoy your warm meal and be joyful in the Christmas spirit. 

Making a gratitude list 

Gratitude is an important part of self-care and happiness. To be grateful for all the things we have helps us live a life of contentment and joy, and also helps us feel not so overwhelmed by our daily routine, especially as mothers. 

In the current social media generation, we can get caught up with comparing our lives with other mothers, mothers who look like they’ve “got it all organised” or mothers who jumped back into their size 8 jeans 3 weeks postpartum. This can have a seriously negative impact on your mental health which can make you let go off focusing on self-care. It’s important to make a gratitude list daily in which you write down 10 things daily which you are grateful for!

Here’s a gratitude list for you to print out!

Festive tip: create several different copies of the gratitude list and use it as a family to be grateful for everything you have. Encourage your children to practice this act of self-care as well which will help them to understand how to be happy and content, no matter what circumstances they are in life. 

So, this sums up your 10 self-care acts to practice this Christmas! 

And, here’s your checklist of self-care ideas for you to print out and remind yourself to do!

If you love the ideas, feel free to share! 

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