14 Best FREE Feminine Styled Stock Photo Sites for Female Business Owners, Creative Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Are you a blogger, mompreneur or a business owner who wants to vamp up the aesthetics of your website? 

Or perhaps you are a new blogger and you look around at feminine blogs and think, “oh wow, where do they get such awesome pictures from?” 

When I started blogging, I didn’t even have a clue about stock photos – in fact, I had never even heard of stock photos until I started learning about the concept of blogging!

I thought you could just copy-paste from Google images and voila, my blog would be done! Thank god I conducted some blogging research, otherwise, my blog would have been suspended before it even began! 

So, you must be here because you are dying to get hold of awesome feminine stock photos, so let’s jump straight in!

1.Ivory Mix  

Kayla from Ivory Mix is one of my favourite places to go to get hold of awesome feminine stock photos. Kayla is very generous enough to provide you with 4 FREEBIES monthly when you sign up as a subscriber. 

In addition, you also get access to her resources library which includes free stock photos for each month from 2016. You get access to over 550+ free stock photos without spending a single penny! 

She also has an incredibly affordable stock photo membership for quarterly and annual prices which gives you access to over 4000 + photos, social media graphics and even social media captions!

If your business is relying upon consistent promotion across several social media platforms, then Ivory Mix is the place where you need to be!

2. Haute Stock

I love the aesthetically pleasing visuals of Haute Stock photos. Many photos come with a clean white background, perfect for a minimalist approach to your website look or even creating outstanding Pinterest graphics for your blog posts. 

In addition, when you sign up by email you get instant access to 21 FREE stock photos, plus you are sent FREEBIES every month with outstanding stylish stock photos. 

Haute Stock also has a membership which gives you access to over 4000+ photos, social media graphics, quotes & captions and even pre-made social media templates. 

One thing that makes Haute Stock stand out is the option to filter by colour branding within their photos. 

They have collections based on specific colour branding which is fantastic for bloggers who are looking to brand their blog based on certain colours and themes – the never-ending search for that particular shade of pink in every stock photo comes to an end with Haute Stock! It’s definitely worth checking out!

3. Elle Drouin – Styled Stock Society

This stock photo site is one of my absolute favourites! Styled Stock Society has a huge range of feminine and minimalist stock photos which can bring up the level of a website and social media platform with a professional bang! 

They are designed while keeping female entrepreneurs in mind and meeting their stock photo needs with a chic style. They also have a 20 FREE stock photo bundle when you sign up by email and also email you generous FREEBIES every month straight to your inbox! 

They also have an incredibly affordable membership which comes in quarterly, annual and lifetime access options to make boss female entrepreneurs lives easier! 

4. Pixistock 

I love Pixistock! Alicia, the founder creates amazing stock photos for female business owners, creative entrepreneurs & bloggers. 

Pixistock also provides fantastic tips and guidance on creating an online brand which will “wow” your audience, regardless of your business or blogging niche. 

You also get 25 free stock photos on signing up by email and monthly FREEBIES too! One amazing thing that makes Pixistock stand out is that Alicia focuses on providing tips to helping female entrepreneurs to focus on creating a brand for their business. 

Additionally, Alicia also provides stock photo bundles to purchase based on colour themes. This is an excellent option for any business owner or blogger who wants a specific colour branded based stock photos without having to invest in an entire membership. 

The bundles come with 30+ photos for a reasonable price to purchase and are extremely high resolution and chic – perfect for any women entrepreneur, business owner or blogger to step up the branding of their website, regardless of their niche.

5. Wonderlass

Allison in Wonderlass – is absolutely amazing! First of all, Allison, the creator behind Wonderlass is a spirit full of joy as she inspires women to run successful online businesses. Secondly, she has amazing colourful stock photos which can liven up your blog or business. She also kindly gives out 15 free stock images as part of a bundle! Sign up here! 

6. Create Her Stock 

Create Her Stock is an awesome site providing wonderful feminine photos. In addition, when you subscribe, you get access to over 180+ FREEBIES and you are emailed free stock photos every month too!

They are also opening up an online shop soon, so keep your eyes opened for amazing styled stock photos!

7. Stock Shop by Shay Cochrane 

Stock Shop by Shay has beautiful minimalistic, feminine stock photos which are perfect for clean, minimal design based sites and blogs. When you sign up you receive 20 FREEBIES which will vamp up your blog!

She also provides valuable advice for business owners and female entrepreneurs. 

8. Solopreneur Side Kick 

Louise is an amazing entrepreneur who focuses on providing awesome tips to aspiring entrepreneurs to kill it in their online business. Louise also has a cosy set of free stock photos which are perfect in giving a classy, feminine touch to female bloggers which you can download here!

9. Styled Stock 

This stock photo site is the actual bomb! I discovered this stock photo site 8 months into blogging, only to realise how much I was missing out on! Styled Stock has a huge range of FREE stock photos for you to use – happy days mate! 

They also have stock photo bundles from lifestyle photos to mom life stock photos for incredibly cheap prices – perfect for new bloggers on a budget! 

10. Pixabay 

Pixabay has a huge range of stock photos which can be helpful for new bloggers especially if you are overwhelmed with which options to go with. I started out my journey with Pixabay as a new blogger until I figured out my blog niche and blog style!

11. Pexels

Pexels is very similar to Pixabay and provides you with free stock photos with wonderful HD resolutions. They also have different size options for download which is helpful to create multiple graphics such as thumbnails and Pinterest graphics!

12. Canva 

One of my favourite and most-used apps, in fact, I use Canva daily! Canva isn’t only a graphic designing app which is incredibly versatile but also has a huge range of free stock photos as well as awesome quality paid stock photos (which can start from 99c, which is an amazing deal!) 

13. Creative Market 

Creative Market is a platform from where you can get hold of fonts, themes and amazing graphic designs. In addition, when you sign up by email, you get 6 FREE goodies every month in which many times you can get stock photo bundles! 

14. SheBoldStock 

SheBoldStock has an amazing collection of classy, feminine photos which can uplift your blog, business and brand. Also, when you sign up by email, you get access to over 50 FREE stock photos – yes 50! You don’t want to miss out! 

There you go, 14 awesome sites to get hold of your FREE feminine styled stock photos to boost the aesthetics of your blog, develop your brand and become a smashing boss women entrepreneur! 

Are there any sites that you know of where women can get FREE feminine styled stock photos? If so, please leave your suggestions in the comments down below, because women should inspire each other to get up and succeed in their creative online businesses! 

If you found this helpful, I’d love it if you could share it with your fellow friends + family! 

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