10 Successful Female Bloggers That Inspired Me To Hustle and Start Blogging For A Living

1. FITnancials – Alexis

Alexis’s blog, FITnancials.com focuses on inspiring women to pay off debt, run successful online businesses and live the life of financial freedom. I personally was inspired by her blog when I clicked onto a post of hers from Pinterest. 

I started my blog with the intention of inspiring women with my motivational content and to be able to work from home, hustle hard while looking after my 2 kids. Seeing Alexis blog gave me a boost of inspiration, that if she can achieve that, then so can I! 

I loved reading about Alexis’s journey with how she turned her business into a 6 figure income within 2 years which is a huge inspiration for many women out there. 

Alexis blog is categorized into three sections: Business, Lifestyle and Making Money. It is very easy to navigate with straightforward blog posts which provide amazing solutions to many of our answers, particularly advice on financial management and running a successful online business.

2. Stray Curls – Angela Vaz 

Angela’s blog, Straycurls.com is very useful for beginner bloggers who need guidance step-by-step to build their own blog. She covers all the basic strategies from providing free blogging planners, an email course for beginning a blog and several detailed, easy-to-follow blog posts on all things blogging. She explains very clearly with different methods and solutions without making you feel bored. 

Angela also has several detailed resources including her amazing blogging bundle which holds a bloggers hand and guides us step-by-step with practical strategies to succeed in the online business of blogging. Not only doe she covers the basics of SEO and traffic boosting tips, but as a bonus, she includes a guide on boosting your sales in the holiday seasons all for just $38!

One unique thing about Angela is her amazing graphic and illustration design. Just clicking onto straycurls.com itself makes you feel amazed. The illustrations are crafty and unique, making the reader wanting to read all her content! 

I personally love visuals as I am a very visual person, so her cute illustrations within her posts make it fun to read her blog posts and content!

Angela also provides services for personalized illustrations, eBook covers, business cards and comic designs. The combination of her blogging as a business and using her illustration skills as a service is an excellent approach to earn a full-time income from home.  Her dedication and hustle inspire me to achieve like her, I mean she is just #blogginggoals! 

3. The She Approach- Ana 

Ana’s blog, The She Approach is one of the most informative blogs I have ever come across within the blogging industry. Ana’s content is focused on inspiring solopreneurs to grow their online visibility, boost their blog traffic and increase their income. 

I personally came across Ana’s content through Pinterest when searching for affiliate marketing tips as a new blogger. Ana has a fantastic library of free resources which she provides for her subscribers exclusively.  

Her content is extremely detailed from email courses, to lists of Facebook Groups that new bloggers can join. She also provides a master list of Affiliate Programmes which bloggers can join, even if they are starting out with their blog. 

I enjoyed her informative content so much that I purchased two of her eBooks, The She Approach’s Guide To Boosting Your Blog Traffic and Making Pinterest Possible. 

I was struggling with my blog after 6 months in, and I had no success with increasing my blog traffic or getting any organic traffic from Pinterest. At this point, I was ready to quit my blog, however, I decided to take a second chance and invest in my blogging education.

Ana’s eBook provides an amazing insight into the steps required to achieve success as a smart blogger. I have covered a detailed review of her eBook in my post How I Tripled My Blog Traffic Within 3 Weeks Using The She Approach’s Guide To Boosting Your Blog Traffic.

4. Anastasia Blogger – Pinterest Expert

Anastasia Blogger is a Pinterest Marketing expert with valuable knowledge related to all things Pinterest. I found Anastasia Blogger on Youtube when searching for increasing blog traffic tips. 

Her Youtube channel is loaded with fantastic tips and tricks in increasing click-through from your Pins, advise on monetizing your blog, getting accepted into Mediavine & Google Adsense, and making your pins viral. 

My blog was initially launched in the niche of mental health awareness, however, I found that I was struggling to write consistent content for it. I then came across Anastasia’s advice on creating a lifestyle blog. Her suggestions were that the more topics you talk about, the better your blog traffic would explode. 

This is actually against what most bloggers advice, as most blogs suggest to saturate your niche to be successful. However, I found that expanding my blog niche out into a lifestyle blog actually helped to improve my blog traffic, build an email list and improve my blog presence on Pinterest. 

5. Simply Amanda 

Amanda is an amazing blogger who also specialises in Pinterest Marketing tips at Simply-Amanda.com. I found Amanda when I was searching for examples of creating amazing pin graphic designs on Canva. 

Amanda is a social media strategist and also provides Pinterest Management services to help accounts to boost their Pinterest presence, gain traffic to their websites and improve their Pinterest SEO techniques. 

She also has an amazing online shop which has pre-made pin design templates to use. They range from minimalistic designs, gradient designs and feminine colour designs too. 

Her shop also has media kits, email marketing template kits, Instagram templates and Pinterest templates at reasonable prices. 

If you are looking for help with your Pinterest marketing skills and graphic designing, then Simply Amanda is the place where you need to be. Amanda’s hustle and hard work are evident in her amazing work which inspires me to improve my blog on a daily basis.

6. Elna Cain

Elna Cain is an inspirational mommy of twins who runs a  successful blog online and also a freelance writing service. Her blog focuses on providing women with inspiration and practical advice on freelance writing, making money from home and succeeding in creating a blogging business. 

I found Elna on Pinterest when searching for tips on freelance writing. She has a fantastic free email course to teach aspiring writers how to be successful with freelance writing and how to start from scratch when you don’t have a clue. 

Elna also is a fantastic writer in general. Her blog posts are written very concisely and straight to the point. I have never felt the urge to skim read or scroll through her posts without reading. She never waffles in her writing and makes her advice extremely clear and practical. 

She also has an amazing course Write Your Way to 1K if you are interested in pursuing freelance writing as a full-time career. Elna covers the basics to the advanced level of how to get into freelance writing, how to write emails to potential clients and how to make up to $1000 for blog post jobs. 

7. Allison Lindstrom

Allison Lindstrom is the first-ever blogger I came across on the Internet. I came across her Youtube video on How I Made My First $200 Blogging. At that point, I was researching on how blogs worked and I never knew what monetization was. 

After going through her videos on blogging tips and advice, and searching for her blog, I felt inspired to start writing content and start my own blog. Allison’s blogging journey also started while feeding her baby and I was on the same page.

Allison is a well-established blogger at AllisonLindstrom.com. She provides valuable advice on how to run your own successful online businesses and provides training videos and practical advice to succeed in blogging. She has a club called Blogging Business Club. This is a monthly membership subscription service which allows you to gain access to 100’s of videos each month on blogging and business tips to flourish and hustle in your online business. 

Allison also opens up her doors every 4 months to her Blogging To Win course which provides a step-by-step guide and practical strategies to help you build an inspiring profitable business. 

8. Ruth Soukup – Elite Blog Academy 

Ruth is a household name within the blogging industry. She has a successful lifestyle blog called Living Well Spending Less and Eliteblogacademy.com. From holiday based posts to financial advice and home & organization tips, she covers it all. She also creates several planners and printables for bloggers and business owners. 

Ruth also is the founder of the Elite Blog Academy which enrols thousands of students every year. Many of her students have given positive feedback in achieving success within their blog niche and turning their blog into a profitable online business. 

9. Blogging Babe – Emma Quay

Emma is an inspirational blogger who provides practical advice and solutions for bloggers at all levels. From Pinterest group board lists, monetization tips and amazing resources such as her Blogging Babe’s Guide To Building Your Profitable Blog. 

I bought her guide as my first ever blogging investment besides my website hosting. Her guide gave me an insight into all aspects of blogging, from getting hold of stock photos, explaining the importance of branding, Pinterest marketing, explaining the meaning of blog traffic and much more! 

If you are completely new to blogging, then I would highly suggest investing in her guide to save you from endless hours of research! 

10. Arfa – SheMeansBlogging

Arfa has amazing content on blogging tips. From SEO tips, social media marketing advice, blog traffic tips and blog monetization tips. I came across Arfa’s blog from Pinterest as her pins are designed extremely well, bringing an audience onto her blog. 

She also provides several blog post ideas and Pinterest group board ideas. If you are searching for detailed information on gaining traffic, boosting your rank in SEO and learning how to use Pinterest strategically, then SheMeansBlogging is the place to go. 

Be sure to check out these amazing girl boss bloggers, and share if you found it useful!

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