How The She Approach To Boosting Your Blog Traffic eBook Saved My Dying Blog

Blogging, just like any other skill requires a lot of focus and hard work. I started Positive Brain Dump as a blog to spread tips and advice on mental health illnesses and helping women to overcome their mental health issues, and not be afraid of being judged by society. 

I slowly branched out into a lifestyle blog because I felt constricted by writing about only one niche. I tried day and night to get a fantastic amount of traffic to my blog, by pinning, posting to Facebook Groups and promoting everywhere. 

I sat down and thought “right, I’m doing what everyone else is doing, surely I’ll get an awesome amount of traffic within a week.”

Guess what? To my surprise, getting traffic isn’t as simple as that. I struggled to get even 10 users to my blog on a weekly basis and I started to lose hope. 

Creating non-stop content is NOT the way to immense blog traffic!

I started to burn myself out by creating non-stop content with the hope that the more content I had, the more traffic I will get, even that didn’t work. 

I thought of closing this blog down once and for all. If no one was going to see my content, then what was the point? 

I then came across The She Approach, Ana’s blog through Pinterest. Her blog was focused on providing new bloggers with tips and advice with growing their blog, turning their blogs into successful businesses and living their dreams of financial freedom from the comfort of their homes. 

I read through a couple of posts and found her advice incredibly useful, especially her tips on boosting blog traffic and using Pinterest strategically. She has written eBooks on The She Approach To Boosting Your Blog Traffic & Making Pinterest Possible which I thought of investing in. 

At first, I was hesitant and thought that I will figure out how to get traffic to my blog by myself, but with consistent non-stop efforts, all were failing. I then invested in Ana’s The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic eBook. 

My life literally changed. 

The eBook covered immense details on how to set up a blog, link to Google Analytics, and strategic tips to help boost your blog traffic. 

I decided to read each section carefully and slowly start to implement her tips and advice on my blog. It was a game-changer for me. 

I started focusing on creating valuable high-quality content, instead of creating a ton of content which didn’t provide any value to my readers.  Ana emphasizes on how creating valuable content that is packed with providing solutions for your reader’s problem is essential. 

Her eBook has several different chapters that breakdown step-by-step how to practically implement each tip, and what effect it will have on the blog. 

Before purchasing, I had read several blog posts on how to boost your blog traffic, tried all the stated strategies from different bloggers, but nothing quite surprised me. Over time, reading these types of blog posts just became like reading repetitive information. 

But when I purchased The She Approach To Boosting Your Blog Traffic, I was genuinely surprised with detailed information and tips about organic traffic, which I had never come across before online. 

In fact, I felt like hitting myself on the head and thinking “Why didn’t I purchase this earlier?”

It would have saved me from the 6 months of ridiculous struggle I was going through with my blog with no direction or progress!  

The eBook consists of 10 chapters that outline practical strategies to see immediate results in boosting your blog traffic. 

Also, her strategies are focused on different tactics to experiment with, depending on the niche of your blog. Some important categories she covered included: guest posting, how to optimize blog posts, keyword research, the power of Pinterest and an awesome resource list for each category. 

The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic

The book is jam-packed with information focusing on getting your target audience to your blog without burning out by creating a ridiculous amount of content and non-stop promotion. Her tips are straight forward, filled with information focusing on practical implementation.  As a bonus, she also updates the book regularly, so you never have to worry about getting hold of outdated information, especially because the digital world of blogging is constantly changing!

Also, she very kindly has included bonuses within the book which you can use to get hold of useful information to boost blog traffic, such as a list of Facebook Groups to join to promote your posts, instead of having to spend hours looking for groups to suit your blog niche. 

Ana also encourages creativity & a “working smart, not working hard” principle to guarantee a boost in your blog traffic, if her tips are implemented according to the practical tips in her book. 

Here are my statistics comparison before purchasing the book and after getting a hold of the book and implementing Ana’s priceless tips. 

This is my blog traffic statistics from 1 August 2019 to 1 September 2019. 

I was stuck at a plateau with roughly 100 users on my blog monthly, and burning myself out with creating lots of content which wasn’t very high quality or that much useful for my readers. I also didn’t have an email list at that point and failed to send out any emails to my mini number of subscribers, because I was focused on the mindset 100 blog posts = 100x more traffic which simply wasn’t true. 

I was at my wit’s end trying to work 50+ hours a week on my blog with a toddler and then a 3-month-old baby. I felt absolutely devastated and distraught with the terrible results in comparison to the mental amount of work I was putting in. 

I truly felt like giving up my blog at this point because I felt that there was no point left. However, I really enjoyed blogging and I’m passionate about writing and inspiring my audience, so I frantically searched for help. 

That’s when I came across Ana’s blog, The She Approach and decided to take a step forward and purchase her incredibly affordable resources. 

I had come across different resources for blog traffic tips before, from Pinterest marketing to different webinars, but I was hesitant to invest into those due to information feeling repetitive, and the prices being $200 + 

I mean I have two kids honey, my financial situation will beat me to death if I invest $200 in something which I could find in a million other articles online for free! 

So after doing intensive research on blogging traffic tips, and still failing to increase my traffic, in September 2019 I invested in The She Approach to Boosting Your  Blog Traffic. 

After reading it through thoroughly and focusing on implementing each tip one at a time, here are the results for last month’s statistics (1 October 2019 – 1 November 2019) from my blog. 

My traffic boosted up to 4x more new users on my blog, without having to create non-stop content and burning myself out! 

The traffic may not seem like a lot, especially with other bloggers out there who get 1000 users daily, but for me, this is a step in the right direction. I feel much more motivated seeing my blog traffic boosting as a new blogger and I owe my success to The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic! Ana saved my dying blog! 

I have read many posts online on boosting your blog traffic, as this is my first ever blog, and I wish to achieve huge milestones with it and be successful just like Ana’s The She Approach blog. 

One huge lesson I did learn from this experience is: do not hesitate to invest in your blog

If you wish for your blog to take off and be a business blog, rather than a hobby blog, then you have to treat it like a business from day 1.

If I could go back in time 6 months back, I would have invested in this resource earlier to avoid the many failures I faced along the way, which slowed down my progress immensely. 

If you feel that you are burning yourself out trying to achieve a boost in your blog traffic, especially as a new blogger, then this ebook is the best investment you will EVER make! 

Be sure to invest in The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic and check out Ana’s blog The She Approach for amazing advice and inspiration to hustle and live the financial freedom filled life you dream of! 

If you found this post helpful, please pin and share it! 

Also, if you tried out Ana’s tips from her eBook, leave a comment down below! 

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