How to Live Comfortably on a Seriously Low Budget

Living on a low budget sucks. I get it. The stress of putting together calculations every month, stressing about every bill to the penny, and sticking to a strict budget when shopping can seem extremely daunting and miserable.

However, just because you are on a low budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxuries you dream of or live content and comfortable life.

Many individuals mentally exhaust themselves out with the obsession of chasing money to live their dream life. The obsession then spirals out of control, leading to a mental breakdown. Pile up of debts take over their lives, and fulfillment and happiness disappear.

Having a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not doing well in life, it’s just everyone’s life is different and everyone is hustling at their own pace.

Just because you have a low budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t live a comfortable & decent life. Here are a few hacks to help you live comfortably on a low budget!

  • Buy furniture from car boot sales or second-hand shops: investing from second hand can save up to more than half on furniture.
  • Order storage containers in bulk from eBay: Many times buying in bulk can save up to 25% on storage containers, much less than buying in stores.
  • Sign up for coupons when shopping: Signing up for coupons can be done online, or through a card membership within the store to collect points, which can help to get products free of cost.
  • Plan out meals for the week and create a grocery list: This is crucial in saving money, as food shopping can really cut through your wallet, especially when you have a family to feed. Planning out simple, quick meals and snack boxes,
  • Use multipurpose household cleaners: antibacterial cleaners contain pretty much the same ingredients, so using multipurpose ones saves a lot of money when cleaning around the house! You can even make your own cleaners with simple ingredients like white vinegar, lemon and fabric conditioner!

  • Keep an eye out for sales in stores to get official clothes at a great value: during festive seasons, many items go up on sale, which can help to get hold of clothes for work, or an occasion without splashing out immense cash!
  • Reuse wore out materials as household cleaning products: Ok, I’m Indian, don’t judge me, but reusing clothes to clean around the house is my number 1 method of cleaning without spending extensively on expensive microfiber cloths. Having said that, there are many cheap stores that sell good quality microfiber cloths for around the house, and being reusable saves much more money than single-use wipes, which are harmful to the environment as well.
  • Reuse jars & boxes as storage: cleaning out jars like pasta sauce, or Nutella jars and using them to store nuts and spices are very handy in saving up cash!
  • Research on free places to go and visit for a day out: many places such as museums and bridges are beautiful places to go at very minimal cost
  • Borrow jewelry or special occasion outfits from friends: if you need to wear something fancy, but don’t have the money for it, just borrow it from a friend for the occasion, saving you from the hassle of spending on expensive jewelry.
  • Sell unused clothes or items on Shpock: This app is fantastic in selling your goods to people who live locally to you.
  • Use natural products in place of expensive skincare products: – most homemade skincare remedies work a charm for your skin, at a fraction of the cost

If you are interested on low budget skincare, you can read my article here: Summer Skincare 2019 for Women on a Tight Budget

  • Live a minimalist lifestyle: train your mind to only buy what you need, not what you want
  • Stick to a certain budget amount for weekly/monthly shopping
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses like buying coffee out every day: make a cup at home and take with you on the go
  • Use reusable good quality items to avoid daily spending: e.g. instead of buying a water bottle every day, buy a good quality steel water bottle which you can refill
  • Thrift shopping: buy clothes at thrift and stick to a certain number of clothes for each season to avoid unnecessary shopping and money wasting
  • Reuse clothes for siblings as hand me downs: I’m sure most moms do this anyway, but you can do this for yourself as well if you are living in joint family households.
  • Pack your own food on days out rather than buying a sandwich for 3x the price at a restaurant
  • Buy travel-friendly cooler bags to take drinks on a day out, rather than spending twice as much on a bottle of coke at an adventure theme park
  • Whenever your salary comes in, minus the rent, bills, mortgage and grocery shopping amount: put aside a small amount to savings –even if it is as little as $5

These hacks are a few ways to invest in necessary items without having to splash out a huge amount and be stressed out. Many of us are caught up in the concept that the more money we earn, the more comfortable our lives will be, but that is far from the truth.

There are many individuals who are living on a low budget, yet they are living a life which is full of contentment, and many people who are rich, but still broke due to a lack of financial management education.

The chase behind money and being influenced by social media influencers to buy more products is a result of feeling insecure and wanting to be like so and so individual. You have to remember, just because a certain celebrity promotes a product, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t buy it that you will be left out.

A life of simplicity is better than a life of expensive items and excessive shopping just to fit in with the crowd. If all individuals focused on achieving happiness from within, and not attaching it to materialistic stuff, then life will be much more purposeful and fulfilling.

I hope you enjoyed the list of hacks!

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  1. We love thrift shopping! You can find some pretty amazing things in second-hand stores, why do you need it new? Awesome tips! and seriously, it is hard to shift into the low budget mindset sometimes but 100% worth it.

  2. I kept track of my daily spending and that really helped me out. Carrying cash for the week was a great visual aid to see how much I had to spend for the week!

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