The Impact of a Productive Morning Routine on the Mind

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‘You set your alarm the night before with the intentions of waking up immediately and plan to exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, complete a skincare routine, pack your essentials neatly without rushing, and leave out the door with a peace of mind.’

Let’s face the facts, we all like to search “productive morning routines” on Youtube (I certainly do,) and wish to be productive each morning and achieve all our goals to the best of our ability. However, that doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes we snooze till we are late and it can become a vicious cycle of bad habits which we cannot break.

We look at productive individuals online, or read about routines of successful actors, athletes and entrepreneurs who most always share a factor in common.

A Productive Morning Routine.

What makes a productive morning routine?

A productive morning routine is a routine followed and catered to each individual’s goals and needs to succeed for the rest of the day. A productive morning routine should consist of three things:

  • Actions which helps to awaken the mind
  • Actions which helps to awaken the body
  • Actions which are specifically related to accomplishing YOUR goals

Actions Which Help to Awaken the Mind

Awakening the mind plays a crucial part in having a productive morning. This is because the ability to accomplish anything comes from the power of the mind, the power of thinking; as Mahatma Ghandi stated: “A Man is But The Product Of His Thoughts What He Thinks, He Becomes.”

How we think is what shapes every aspect of our lives, having a productive morning isn’t any different. The difference between a person who snoozes for 2 hours and the person who jumps up immediately out of bed to accomplish his goals, is the power of vision and belief that he is unconquerable. That’s how a productive morning routine comes into existence.

Actions which help to awaken the mind include, meditation, morning prayers, reading a book (religious or generic,) opening up windows and taking in the fresh air, diffusing high quality essential oil blends like Artisan Aromatics to help clear the mind and give an energy boost for the day.

Actions Which Help To Awaken The Body

Awakening the body is essential to feeling energised and being productive. Our body is the only permanent home we have, therefore looking after it is crucial. If the body is nourished and looked after properly, only then it will support you to be able to wake up and have a fantastic productive morning.

Actions which help to awaken the body include, exercising (yoga, cardio, Pilates, jogging, running to name a few,) eating a well-balanced nutritious breakfast such as a green smoothie, or oatmeal or an egg omelette. Eating the correct foods helps to keep the body fuelled and functioning optimally, hence giving you the strength to conquer your goals starting off with a productive bang first thing in the morning.

Actions Which Help You To Accomplish Your Goals

We all have goals to achieve and we have to take actions to achieve those goals. Everyone has a vision of the short term and long term goals they want to achieve, but not everyone strives to fulfil that vision.

Actions to achieve goals include: keeping a to-do list of step-by-step actions to achieve a goal; for example, creating a step by step plan while setting up a blog such as buying a domain name and hosting plan, then setting up theme design and logo of blog etc.

Having a calendar countdown of tasks you wish to accomplish such as a 30 day challenge and ticking off each day by completing the task as a morning task – hence making your morning routine productive.

Also, having a friend or family member to support you in your goal is very important to help you achieve it. Making your goals public pushes you to strive to achieve them and this will motivate you to wake up every morning and hustle harder to be productive.

Productivity is something we all want to be consistent at, but at times we are unsure if we are able to be consistent with certain habits, or plainly just confused where to start.

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