Comparison & Competition is the Thief of Joy

You’re walking on your way to school, college or work, minding your own business and then you notice other people your age are graduating, already working, or married successfully with children and you feel a surge of disappointment from within. You start questioning yourself, “Why can’t I be like that?” or “We’re the same age and look how much she has achieved in her career, I’m stuck looking for a decent job” or you just think you’re plain worthless.

Every day you cross paths with many individuals whether it is on your way to school, college or work and you either feel inspired by other people’s journeys or feel like you are not as good as them. STOP. Right. There.

Why are you caught up with living the life somebody else’s living, and not focusing on your own beautiful journey? What’s holding you back?

 Comparison and Competition.  

Life has lost its meaning in the rat race of the fast paced 21st century. Everyone is busy looking at everyone else in the urge to beat them in life, whether it is in their career, or financial success or living a life with luxuries. In these moments, you lose perspective because your life has become a comparison rather than an individual journey for you to cherish.

Social Media has exploded into our lives almost being attached to us like blood flowing in our body.

We find ourselves constantly on Instagram or Facebook and envying what others have achieved, wishing it was our life.  However, we forget that social media is just a mere snapshot of people’s life and it can be manipulated to portray a perfect life which is far from most people’s reality.

While we constantly compare ourselves, we forget our true selves.

Every individual is unique, special and important. Just think, we all have individual fingerprints, unique DNA structure and we are all different despite all being ‘human.’ Insane isn’t it?

Don’t compare your life to others. Live your own journey because no one can live it for you. In moments of envy and self-doubt, always reflect upon people who are less privileged than you, individuals suffering from poverty, hunger, isolation, lack of education and be grateful for every breath you take.

Remember, your life is your book, YOU are the author of this special book – make it worthwhile to read when you look back at memories in your life.

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